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Application per il GP Torino
Notizia del 13-12-2011 a cura di: Dionisio Cristiana

The window for the European GPs for the first quarter is now open. It is only one window for the GPs Madrid, Lille, and Tourin. This means you can apply for any or all of them in DCIFamily at

Please rank them, if you select more than one, in the cover letter.

The Regional Coordinators are working closely together to make these events successful and enjoyable for everyone. Alfonso, Alexis, and I will select the judges for these events. The window for all of these closes December 15^th and we will make selections known before January 1^st .

Thank you to Wouter and Glen for their great support for the judges and we look forward to making these great events for the players.

If you have any questions, please ask here, or to all of the regional coordinators.

Alfonso Bueno ‎[]‎
Alexis Rassel ‎[]‎
Cristiana Dionisio ‎[]‎

Cristiana Dionisio, L4
RCs Coordinator

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